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Luxury Interior Design Company & Consultant in Abu Dhabi

In addition to our London team, we also work from our international base in Abu Dhabi, UAE in the Middle East. We offer our full interior architecture, interior design and interior design consultancy services for the entire region.

Specialising in food & beverage, hospitality, offices and retail the studio uses a unique approach to create beautifully crafted high-end interiors. 

We understand the particular needs and wishes of our clients and provide a truly bespoke service that is delivered to uncompromisingly high standards.

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How we can help you

Creating a new business idea or recreating your brand requires coming up with the right concepts to run with. You’ll need to get fresh business concepts developed and tailored specifically to your needs.

We know we can help. From our global heart to our local & personal service, we offer honesty, integrity, and the capability to create the experience you envision for your project.

Yaiza Martinez Interiors is a creative design studio that stands out as the brand in the commercial design sector that takes the right ideas and concepts to provide the perfect design solution for clients.

Yaiza Martinez Interiors - Interior design company

Our latest Projects
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Yaiza Martinez Interiors - Interior design company


It’s all in our approach to design. Our solution to the hospitality and design niche is unique and highly innovative. We like to test the boundaries of design with our approach.

We love to bounce ideas around as it fosters our creative spirit. It’s also a way of ensuring we communicate effectively with our clients and other project stakeholders, both internal and external.

In all this, our client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority. It usually begins with a detailed consultation where we create new concepts with our client’s goals in mind.

Regular meetings will be held with our clients to discuss these concepts and ensure everyone is on board with the plan. It also helps to make sure that we meet the client’s requirements in every aspect of the project.

Let’s create something memorable together

Our passion for innovation inspired us to develop a new way of approaching the interior design. We tackle every project with an open mind and scrupulous attention to detail, which enables us to generate fresh and engaging ideas. We are now proud to offer you truly bespoke and disruptive interior design services in Abu Dhabi.
We know you have big ideas, let’s make them happen together.

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