" The details are not the details. They make the design. "
Charles Eames.

Our Services

Yaiza Martinez Interiors is vastly experienced at working across sectors –Hospitality, Commercial, and Residential. We offer a multifaceted, entirely bespoke design service, focussed around achieving the best possible end result.

YMI takes great pride in producing work of the highest order and seeks to greatly surpass clients’ needs and expectations. Our approach envelops every element of design and building, covering all aspects from conception to use. We start by working closely with clients to understand their needs and translating them into innovative and creative design solutions. 

Whether it’s a restaurant, corporate space, a hotel or a shop, YMI design team will help create a truly first-rate luxurious bespoke space for you. We understand and translate each client’s ethos, brand value, and strategic vision to design and implement solutions that empower business success.

Everything from your company culture and brand values to your vision is considered while we come up with  client-centred design solutions.

At the YMI studio, details are everything. We firmly believe that paying attention to the little things can elevate the result of any project and we’re committed to excellence in every project we work on. 

YMI studio strives to create unique design services that speak directly to a client’s taste with a range of materials, palettes, and designs, crafted specifically in line with their goals.

The studio has its headquarters in London and a branch in Abu Dhabi, but we are available to work worldwide! We have an international clientele with clients from London, Rome, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Riyadh, Kuwait, Khobar, Jubail, etc. If you’d like to work with us on your project, go on and reach out to us.

The Problem

If you’re at a loss in what direction to take your business or in need of assistance coming up with ideas, you will need a business like ours to help you navigate and solve these issues.

After the initial briefing with our clients, we take everything we’ve learned and come up with a picture of their ideal look. Our clients completely trust our work and can rest assured that we’ll finetune this image to a perfect resolution and bring it to life.

The YMI solution

YMI offers a sophisticated new approach to interior designing. Both budding businesses and established brands will benefit from the YMI interior design touch, which also includes a winning combination of fresh ideas and concepts to elevate your brand. 

These services include
– Coming up with the perfect design services for your company.
– Providing ideas for you to reinvent your company with.
– Offering a slate for you to build your company on.
The YMI process involves a seamless flow of the steps we take to achieve the end goal. The keyword here is ‘Cohesiveness’. Each step is tailored to your needs.

Our Process


Research / Familiarisation and strategy 

Understanding a brand/ client’s intent, values and narrative allows YMI to define its direction. Here hands-on research combines with analysis and conversation. 

This involves an initial consultation where we discuss your business. Every issue or concern you have will be sorted out here as well as an in-depth discussion on our strategies.

At YMI, we take the time to understand our clients’ needs and values so that our wants do not subsume into yours. Your inspiration is a great starting point that gives us insight into your brand.

Initial Consultation
Communication Strategies 


Dream / Concept Design

Following our research stage, where we define market and customer insight, we develop disruptive, creative concepts. 

Here concepts and strategies find form in early, aspirational designs. 

A mood board will guide the process, first focusing on style, atmosphere, and character. Once all that is sorted out, we’ll move on to choosing materials that will match the experience we want to convey.

Project Brief
Concept Development
Mood boards
Layout Development


Draw / Schematic Design

This is where we smooth those edges out. At this point, you’ll see what we’ve come up with so far so you can add your invaluable input.  

Following feedback and discussion, aspirational designs are developed further, thinking about practical, real world application. Functional needs are considered, drawing a connection between the concepts and strategy previously conceived. 

We’ll fine-tune and adjust as needed so the concept grows into actual, practicable designs. Schematic architectural drawings and 3D rendered images are utilized here to materialize your dream.

Design Development
Schematic Sections
Sampling Finishes Specifications
Finishes Specifications
3D visuals


Detail / Detailed Design

Here, the drawings and images from the schematic design stage will be developed in fully detail all elements producing final drawings, specifications and artwork (where necessary), detailing materials, locations and installation methods.

We will produce material and furniture specification schedules and profile drawing packages along with an accurate bill of quantities (if required).

Technical drawings
Lighting plan and specification
Material specification
Tender package (if required)
Estimates from contractors (if required)


Deliver / Implement

YMI works closely with suppliers and contractors to ensure that the vision for the project is maintained and realised faithfully. By providing regular direction on design intent, Yaiza Martinez Interiors is able to control quality standards until the point of completion, ultimately producing a project that has been carefully considered and overseen from inception to delivery. This involves thorough inspections and the final styling. 

Ultimately, we aim to elevate your brand with a befitting design that suits your new ideas and concepts.

Issue purchase orders
On site visits/inspections/meetings during build
Final site inspection visits
Final styling

Quality Design

YMI is well known for its thoughtful approach to design and its sharp attention to details, quality and finishing. YMI is a luxury-led and concept-driven studio. We take a blank canvas approach to creativity so that each interior emerges as unique.

Complete Peace Of Mind

Yaiza Martinez Interiors will handle your entire project from start to finish. No need to co-ordinate between the designers, various contracting teams and vendors. We will manage it all for you and you will be consistently updated.

Professional, Prompt & Reliable

We strive to offer a tailored service to our clients, with high levels of professionalism and reliability. The result is not only market-leading quality but also project delivery times that are as less as half that of the competition.

Worldwide Clients

Yaiza Martinez Interiors is a global creative interior design agency that welcomes overseas clients and enquiries outside the UK. The company it's based in the UK, while delivering the best quality luxury interior design across the globe.