Who we are.

YMI was created in 2019, bringing with it a fresh new approach to the interior design niche. So far, we’ve garnered a ton of experience in the field of creative design works.

We have many sorts of projects, but in all of them there are two constants – we are passionate about all aspects of what we do and we work with all our clients to deliver a truly bespoke response to their wishes. We work on a range of commercial and residential projects with a special focus on hospitality interiors such as restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Part of our work is offering you ideas that you can use to create the ultimate experience for your clients.

We’ll come up with the right ideas for your project, including everything that makes your brand, well, yours with a perfect medley of commercial interior design solutions!

We’re an international lead-design studio based in London and Abu Dhabi with high-flying individuals in interior designing. Ours is a hybrid company with some members of the team working remotely from all over the world and others available for on-site meetings in London and Abu Dhabi. This approach means we’re intentional about staying connected to meet and surpass our client’s expectations while maintaining our high standards.

Staying connected and accessible at all times means we’re able to share valuable information with our team. The same goes for our relationship with other experts such as contractors, engineers, and other sub-contractors so we’re able to provide extended support and clarity where necessary.

At YMI, each job begins with laying a strong and honest foundation where our clients are fully supported to make their wishes come true. We find ways to stay connected, transparent, and approachable at all times.

Who we’ve worked with.

NWA Interiors (Kuwait)
Imp.projects (Oman)
First Entertainment Group (KSA)
Twoth (UK)

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Cagliari (Italy) 
Innosoft (KSA) 
Notorious (UAE)